MANPRINT Special Achievement Award

MANPRINT Practitioners Workshop 2010






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Reducing the Spread of Communicable Diseases Among Trainees

Rob Clark

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Value-Focused Thinking

MANPRINT Practitioners’ Insights
Cause and Effect Workshop & Survey

Dave Doane

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Michael Drillings

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USCG HSI Overview

Jack Foran

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Characterizing Collateral Damage to Dismounted Troops and Other Personnel Located Near Active Countermeasures

Patricia Froundfelker

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C-IED Science & Technology

Marjorie Grantham

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Interoperability of the Human View and IMPRINT Modeling

Holly Handley

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Human System Integration (HSI)
Application to the National Airspace System (NAS)
Enterprise Architecture (EA)

Glen Hewitt

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Challenges and Opportunities for MANPRINT Evaluations in Rapidly Developing Systems

Bruce Hunn

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Eye Tracker: Implementing a Physiological Measure of Visual and Mental Workload Presented

Sage Jessee

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Medium Girder Bridge

Dr. Bev Knapp

Mr. Andrew Bodenhamer

Dr. A. J. Kluchinsky

Mr. Clark Spencer

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Training for Complex Automated Systems

Anna Mares

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Predicting the Mental Workload of the Infantry Squad:
Importance of a Mission Based Approach

Diane Mitchell

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Selected Human Factors Issues from Operation Iraqi Freedom

Frank Morelli

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Expanding IMPRINT Capabilities with Plug-in Technology

Charneta Samms

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The Department of Defense S&T Program
Innovation, Speed, and Agility
and the Impact on MANPRINT

Al Shaffer

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Capturing Insights to Reduce Future Warfighter Fatalities

Scott Scheff

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Innovations in HSI Education at the Naval Postgraduate School

Larry Shattuck

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Jeffrey Thomas