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The MANPRINT Program



The purpose of this section is to identify the MANPRINT Team and to delineate some of the functions they perform to support the MANPRINT.

  • Headquarters, Department of the Army (HQDA)
    Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff, G-1
    MANPRINT Directorate
    MANPRINT Research and Analysis Branch (MRAB)
    • Establish Army-wide MANPRINT policies.
    • Review Operational Requirements Documents (ORDs), Manpower Estimates (MEs), Mission Need Statements (MNSs) and Capstone Requirements Documents (CRDs).
    • Finalize MANPRINT Assessments.
    • Proponent for the Army MANPRINT Training.
    • Sponsor MANPRINT Symposium every 18 months.
  • U. S. Army Material Command (AMC)
    AMC Surgeon
    U. S. Army Research Laboratory (ARL)
    Human Research and Engineering Directorate (HRED)
    Human Factors Integration Division (HFID)
    • Serve as the MANPRINT focal point for coordinating domain support for ICTs and IPTs.
    • Provide Human Factors Engineering expertise to ICTs and IPTs.
    • Draft MANPRINT assessments.
    • Provide Manpower, Personnel, Training (MPT) and SSV expertise on non-major system ICTs and IPTs.
    • Conduct MPT and SSV Assessments on non-major systems.
    • Assist/consult with U. S. Army Test and Evaluation Command (ATEC) in embedding MANPRINT issues and concerns in test and evaluation plans.
    • Provide ATEC with field element personnel to work on tests, with reimbursement.
    • Assist ATEC in MANPRINT evaluation of selected system operational tests.
    • Provide MANPRINT qualified contractor (with reimbursement) and other MANPRINT support to ATEC.
    • Provide HFE Assessments.
    • Provide Manpower, Personnel and Training (MPT) support to ICTs and IPTs on major systems.
    • Conduct MPT Assessments on major systems.

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  • Survivability Analysis Directorate (SLAD)
    • Provide soldier survivability expertise to ICTs and IPTs.
    • Conduct soldier survivability assessments on ACAT I & II combat acquisition systems as required.
  • U. S. Army Communications-Electronics Command (CECOM)
    • Provide system safety support to information technology ICTs and IPTs.
    • Conduct system safety assessments on information technology systems.
  • Office of the Surgeon General (OTSG)
    U. S. Army Medical Command (MEDCOM)
    U. S. Army Center for Health Promotion
    and Preventive Medicine (USAPHC)
    HHA Executive Agent
    • Provide Health Hazard expertise to ICTs and IPTs.
    • U.S. Army Medical Department Center and School (AMEDDC&S)
  • U.S. Army Safety Center
    • Provide copy of the Independent Safety Assessment to DAPE-MR, ARL-HRED and the MANPRINT WIPTRDEC.
    • Conduct System Safety Risk Assessments on major systems.
  • U. S. Army Test & Evaluation Command (ATEC)
    • Include MANPRINT considerations in system tests and evaluations. The tests will address total system MANPRINT requirements including the requirements to operate, maintain, support and train the system.
    • Analyze MANPRINT issues and measures identified from all sources as potential issues to be addressed across the full spectrum of system tests and evaluations.
    • Provide representation to ICTs and the MANPRINT WIPTs, as appropriate.
    • Encourage that MANPRINT Training be provided as a minimum to personnel with system test and evaluation responsibilities, as appropriate.

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