The U.S. Army's MANPRINT Directorate


MANPRINT serves as...

  • Primary DA Staff proponent for MANPRINT and Personnel, Training and Human Factors Research and Studies.
  • G-1 representative at the Army System Acquisition Review Council (ASARCs) and OIPTs for MANPRINT.
  • Personnel proponent for other DoD acquisition policies (ARs 40-10, 70-1, 70-75, 71-9, 73-1, 350-1, 385-16 and 700-127), DoD 5000 series and DA PAM 73-1.
  • Member, ARL Board of Directors and Assistant G-1 on Army Science & Technology Working Group (ASTWG).
  • Chair, MANPRINT Training Steering Committee.
  • Member, AMC Science & Technology Board of Directors.
  • Member, Distributed Interactive Simulation General Officer Steering Committee.
  • Member, Human Factors Engineering Technical Advisory Group.
  • Educator for MANPRINT concepts, e.g., MANPRINT Newsletter.
  • Advocate for MANPRINT concepts nationally and internationally.
  • Advocate for MANPRINT career development throughout the Army to include educational and Posters opportunities for the workforce.
  • Serve on Integrated Concept Teams (ICTs), Integrated Product Teams (IPTs) and Overarching Integrated Product Teams (OIPTs).
  • G-1 proponent working with DoD and other services to establish policy in human performance, manpower, personnel capabilities, training, system safety, health hazards and soldier survivability for: operators, maintainers, units and their leaders.
  • Representative with DoD and industry to raise the visibility of human performance considerations in industry R&D.
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