The U.S. Army's MANPRINT Directorate


Our History

The MANPRINT Directorate, ODCSPER, was established in 1987. For more information, see the MANPRINT page. In November 1996, the name of the directorate was changed to Personnel Technologies (PERTEC) to include the additional responsibility for the Soldier-Oriented Research and Development in Personnel Performance and Training (SORD). The new directorate was organized into two sections:

As a result of the Manpower Survey conducted in December 2000, it was recommended that PERTEC, because of its small staff, would not be divided into two divisions but would be merged into a single PERTEC set of missions.

In May 2002 the name of the Directorate was changed to MANPRINT in order to emphasize the work performed within the MANPRINT program and the direction of the directorate members.

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